Alternative building material Cream Limestone
Eco friendly building with limestone
Shell Limestone, alternative building materials
Eco friendly building materials, Oyster limestone
Alternative building with Limestone
A distinctive stone with unique textures throughout. Cream Limestone's beauty and versatility suits both modern and classical architecture.
Standard Forms
Cladding & Corners
Textures - Honed and Rustic

500mm x 330mm x 30/35mm

350mm x 330mm x 30/35mm

with 100mm return


Limestone building, Limestone Blocks, Limestone walls, Limestone Melbourne, Limestone house

500mm x 245mm x 100mm

500mm x 330mm x 100mm

Random Forms
Mosaic Cladding
Texture - Saw Cut
Random sizes x 30mm
Tuscan Cladding
Texture - Saw Cut & Rustic
Random sizes x 30 - 60mm
Free Stone
Texture - Split Face
Random sizes x 100 - 300mm
We can cut to size and fabricate limestone to meet your specifications.
Our Patterns

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