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LIMEPROTEC is a hydrophobic binder rather than a film forming sealer - this feature allows treated materials to 'breathe' normally. It also contains a highly effective biocide that inhibits mould and algal growth.

LIMEPROTEC converts fretting natural stone and masonry from a soft material to a hard dust free natural finish with excellent weathering resistance and durability.

Suitable for:

• Natural Limestone

• Natural Sandstone

• Reconstituted Stone

Not suitable for use over paved or trafficable areas.

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Limestone Australia ships anywhere within Australia. We will ship within 4 days of your online purchase completion.





If you are unhappy with our product, please contact us. We're here for advice and have all the experience you need to make this product perfect for your requirements. We believe in this product 100%, but will refund your purchase within 30 days of purchase date if you are unhappy. Please call 1300 LIMESTONE for more information.

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