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The Best Stone Building Ideas on the web

Sometimes you can be flicking around the internet looking at all the different ways people are using stone in their building and renovations and hit the jackpot.

Apartment Therapy is a great resource for design inspiration - mostly for interior decoration but sometimes building and architectural ideas creep in.

This selection of interior and exterior stone walls is truly beautiful (click to visit original post).

Top Left: This effect could be created using our Biscuit Limestone cladding. A rough look achieved by a random pattern creating a naturally beautiful outdoor setting.

Top Right: Bring the outside in! With a new house build trend that leans toward al fresco areas, the glimpse of stone from this peaceful lounge feels as if you're in an ancient jungle.

Bottom Left: Gorgeous use of stone. Our Oyster Limestone lends a similar feel. Ancient colours reflected in the blue of the pool.

Bottom right: A warm and character filled space like this could be created using our Cream limestone.

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