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Natural Light

Hugh Altschwager, the mastermind behind Inkster Maken, a Melbourne-based design studio dedicated to handcrafted lighting, had to go home to find his true calling.

After college, Altschwager moved to Melbourne to work in design and architecture; the lamp idea took shape during trips back home to his parents’ family farm off the South Australian limestone coast, where he built a small, self-sufficient hut made from salvaged materials.

During the construction process, he soon realized he was in need of a light source. Already familiar with the local materials–limestone and wood–he put the two together and created a light fixture that inspired him to launch his first handcrafted lighting collection.

The collection features pendants and free-standing lamps made from turned South Australian limestone and reclaimed hardwoods.

The small collection is available online, but stay tuned: Altschwager has big plans for the future and a new range of products is in the works (not necessarily lighting).

Limestone used in Hugh's projects supplied by Limestone Australia.

Visit Hugh's studio website at

Photographs by Lucy Feagins and Brooke Holm via The Design Files.

Article courtesy of

Author: Izabella Simmons.

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