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Show Stopping Stone

For this project, Limestone Australia worked with the owners on a home they had been planning for some time. The owners wanted to achieve something that was unique in terms of aesthetics, and were resolute about building in limestone. The three-storey turret tower that features as a centrepiece and overlooks Mornington Peninsula has perfectly achieved this plan.

The project, excluding the turret tower, was completed in diamond-cut biscuit limestone, which has a distinctive textured formed from the sands of ancient coastlines featuring fossilised timbers embedded in the stone. The turret was constructed from the same limestone, hand-split to create a unique feature. Western Australian biscuit limestone is a rich, deep colour, which is unusual when compared to other Australian limestone. Through the use of this unique limestone block work, the team created an impressive house for the clients to enjoy.

When used as an interior and exterior feature, limestone not only creates aesthetic appeal in your home, but also has excellent insulating, acoustic and fire rating properties. Sourced directly from the quarry floor, the thermal properties of limestone make it perfect for building in Australia because it will stay warm in winter and cool in the summer months.

With a range of Western Australian and South Australian limestone in various tones and forms, including rubble, mosaic, tile cladding, blocks and feature mouldings, Limestone Australia has a variety of options that will suit your home design and aesthetic and will last for several lifetimes.

Adding limestone cladding to your existing house design will both help with insulation and acoustics, and will also create a warm, textural and show-stopping feature to modernise your home and impress your guests.

Contact the team at Limestone Australia to find out more about the options available to you.

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