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Perfect Patterns

Limestone blocks and cladding can look as traditional or unique as your home.

Laid in standard 'brick' formats of Stacked Bond and Half Bond, our blocks and cladding give classic curb appeal, or add a special touch inside.

We especially love these traditional patterns as used at Wallington House (below). This rustic fireplace was created using Biscuit Limestone cladding laid in a half bond pattern.

Traditional, yet timelessly stylish.

To get the most out of the variety of colour and texture in our limestone, we have created two special patterns. Using our extensive experience and working with renowned builders and architects our 'house' patterns 'Sorrento' and 'Cottesloe' look brilliant with any of our stone colours and textures.


2. Cottesloe

Loving this exterior using Shell Limestone with a Cottesloe pattern.

Want to ask any questions? Need some more details? Call our staff on 03 9773 5540 to find out how building and renovating with limestone could be the best decision you've ever made.

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