Bricks, but not boring!

Bricks are back. For most of you the idea of bricks brings to mind some pretty unsightly housing options from the 70's, 80's and into the 90's (remember the explosion of 'tudor' style). If you think about bricks inside, then the images may be even more disturbing (think mission brown brick arches circa 1986). Thankfully, today's modern bricks are more varied in colour, texture and size than ever before. Brick finishes now range from soft matt and worn-in, to high gloss modernism.

So if you are thinking about using some of the spectacular ideas around that utilise bricks, stop and consider the idea that an even better brick option exists. A natural product with minimal processing, an incredibly long life-span as well as thermal and acoustic insulating properties.

Limestone. Of course.

Externally, limestone is at one with the Australian environment. Sitting beautifully in formal and informal garden settings and reflecting all the changing colours of the landscape, limestone bricks, cladding and blocks create a long lasting, low maintenance and high impact facade.

stone cladding stone bricks

The detail within each individual limestone piece is unmatched by any other building material. Here in our Oyster limestone ancient fossilised materials add to the surface texture and hue of every stone.

limestone brick, limestone finishes

Bricks have really come into their own as internal feature walls. New architectural designs are spilling over with interesting takes on wall finishes in stairways, kitchens and bathrooms as well as in the standard feature items such as fireplaces and steps.

Using a limestone brick adds an even stronger sense of individual design to each project. The natural feel and touch of limestone brings the outside in.