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2018. New year, new trends.

Interior Designers know where it's at. They're incorporating interesting design elements, materials and techniques more readily than ever before due to the innovation explosion in building materials across the globe.

This year unique tiling and walling takes centre stage. No more boring shapes and basic patterns. Kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces and feature walls can all utilise large format bricks, cladding and tiling.

Contemporary Wall Panelling creates fresh surfaces that can dramatically redefine the look and feel of interior spaces.

Interior cladding is one of our favourite trends as it fits in beautifully with the aesthetic of limestone.

Natural, striking, unique and timeless. The clever use of cladding indoors this year brings this popular design element from it's traditional outside use and extends the outdoor space into the home.

Have a look through our featured projects page to see how our clients are using limestone right on trend, right now.

Call 1300 LIMESTONE to find out how you can create new looks from limestone today!

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