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Introducing Limeprotec

Unlike imported tiles that need to be sealed prior to laying, Australian limestone doesn't need pre-sealing. Your new limestone blocks or cladding will look incredible from day one, whether for a feature fireplace surround, a beautiful interior wall or an exterior facade. Limestone ages over time like all natural materials, and while it is extremely hardy and long-lasting, we recommend that you seal the limestone once it is laid.

Limestone sealers act to harden the stone as well as assisting in repelling water which generally causes discolourationn of the stone surface.

This is where we are pleased to introduce Limeprotec. Our own purpose-developed sealer to prolong the life of your limestone investment.

Limeprotec is a hydrophobic binder rather than a film forming sealer – this feature allows treated materials to 'breathe' normally. It also contains a highly effective biocide that inhibits mould and algal growth.

Limeprotec converts fretting natural stone and masonry from a soft material to a hard dust-free natural finish with excellent weathering resistance and durability.

Perfect for natural limestone, natural sandstone and reconstituted stone.

Available directly from our yard at Limestone Australia, or through the site – follow this link to purchase.


Need more information? Call us during business hours to talk to our expert staff about all things limestone.

Telephone (03) 9773 5540

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