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Australian Limestone.
The Natural Choice.

"Embraced by cultures throughout the world."

Limestone Australia selects premium limestone from abundant deposits across the country, crafting it into various forms tailored for construction and landscaping. The inherent quality and subtle colour variations of Australian limestone ensures a distinctive appeal for any project.

With its unique ability to retain warmth in winter and remain cool in summer, natural limestone seamlessly adapts to Australia's diverse climatic conditions.


Offering structural integrity and timeless elegance, limestone emerges as an ideal choice for enduring and aesthetically pleasing architectural designs.

Limestone Cladding

Limestone cladding adds a timeless elegance to buildings while providing durability and weather resistance. Available in a range of finishes, it can be customised to complement a range of architectural styles and preferences.

Limestone Blocks

Quarried and cut into uniform shapes, limestone blocks offer durability and versatility for housing construction and landscaping projects. Its natural beauty enhances both traditional and contemporary architectural forms and landscaping applications.

Product Spotlight

Explore our best-performing stones, finishes and limited-offer products.

Shell limestone tuscan cladding surrounding a fireplace

Tuscan Cladding

An irregular rustic finish inspired by Mediterranean coastal architecture.
Cream limestone freestone surrounding a swimming pool


An ancient technique using spalls, boulders or split blocks to make something timeless.
Shell limestone salto cladding on a fireplace surround

Salto Cladding

Tumbled limestone with softened edges resulting in a timeless and antique look.

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Limestone Australia yard

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