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Limestone Blocks

"The foundation stone that built great empires."

Limestone blocks served as the sturdy foundation for ancient empires, bearing the weight of monumental structures that stood the test of time. With their enduring strength and timeless beauty, these blocks symbolise the legacy of past civilisations.

We supply blocks cut to size for both architectural and landscaping applications. With its timeless appeal and strength, block limestone adds elegance and sophistication to both interior and exterior spaces.

Cream and Biscuit Limestone Ashlar Block

Traditional rectangular limestone bocks in a range of finishes.  

Shell Limestone Brick

A natural alternative to standard bricks.

Cream Limestone Freestone

Create something truly unique using this versatile limestone form.

Cottesloe Modular Pattern
Cottesloe Modular Pattern

Add character and simplify your install with our modular pattern.

Cream Limestone Architectural Form
Architectural Forms

From classic architectural forms to contemporary accents.

The benefits of building with limestone blocks


Australian limestone is highly robust, ensuring longevity and suitability for a wide range of applications.

Environmental Benefits

Limestone contributes to eco-friendly practices through applications like soil enhancement and water purification. Using locally sourced Australian limestone results in a reduced carbon footprint.


Its adaptability makes limestone a valuable resource across industries, from construction to agriculture.

Thermal Efficiency

The thermal mass properties of limestone aid in temperature regulation, promoting energy-efficient buildings.

Aesthetic appeal

With its natural beauty, diverse textures, and colour variations, limestone elevates the visual appeal of any structure or landscape.

Low Maintenance

Structures built with limestone typically require minimal upkeep, leading to cost savings in the long run.


"Enduring strength and timeless beauty."

  • What is limestone cladding?
    Limestone cladding involves applying stone pieces or tiles that have a sawn flat back to the interior or exterior walls of buildings for decorative and protective purposes.
  • Is limestone cladding suitable for both interior and exterior applications?
    Yes, limestone cladding is suitable for both interior and exterior applications, offering versatility and durability for various architectural designs.
  • How does limestone cladding compare to other materials in terms of durability and cost?
    Limestone cladding offers comparable durability to other materials and falls within a mid-range to high-end pricing category.
  • What factors should be considered when choosing limestone cladding for a project?
    Considerations include durability, aesthetic preferences, maintenance needs, budget, and compatibility with other materials.
  • Are there any environmental considerations associated with using limestone cladding?
    Limestone has environmental considerations such as quarrying impacts, however sustainable practices can mitigate these effects. Raw blocks are processed and cut to size in our stone manufacturing facility in Seaford, Victoria which is powered by solar. We use recycled water where possible. We only supply Australian limestone which reduces the impact of transportation on the environment.
  • Does your limestone contain silica?
    Australian limestone 99.99% silica free making it safer to work with other types of natural stone or engineered alternatives. We recommend avoiding the inhalation of dust while working with any type of stone for a prolonged period of time.
  • How is limestone cladding installed?
    Limestone cladding is installed by applying adhesive (i.e. Mapei Keraflex Maxi S1 or equivalent) to the back of each panel or tile and securing them onto the prepared surface. This is followed by grouting and optional sealing for added protection against stains and moisture penetration. In addition, for cladding application above 1.5 metres we recommend applying mechanical fixings in combination with the adhesive. A mechanical fixing could be in the form of "Stone clips", shelving angles or other fixing methods. See our installation guidelines for further information.
  • Can I stack limestone cladding without a substrate?
    Limestone isn't structural; use with framing and brick ties as per industry standards.
  • What is the finish of the back of the cladding?
    Our limestone walling features backs sawn to a smooth finish for easy application. (Note: Edges may require shaping for desired finish.)
  • What kind walls can cladding be applied to?
    Masonary walls (bricks walls), fibre glass stone sheets (i.e. James Hardie Easylap or BCG Stone sheet - per their specification) that attached securely to a structurally sound wall to hold the weight. Above 1.5 metres mechanical fixing should be applied. We recommend consulting your builder and follow Australian building guidelines in application.
  • Can limestone cladding be customised to fit specific design requirements?
    Yes, limestone cladding can be customised in size, shape, thickness, finish, and colour to meet specific design needs.
  • Do you supply colour matched mortar and adhesives?
    We offer a range of coloured mortars and adhesives to match your purchase.
  • Should limestone be sealed?
    We recommend limestone is sealed every 7 years with 1-2 litres of sealant applied to every 1 square metre of limestone cladding. For the best protection we recommend using LIMEPROTEC. This is available in 15 litre containers at Limestone Australia.
  • Can limestone cladding be affected by moisture?
    Continuous dampness may cause limestone discolouration. We recommend cladding being sealed with LIMEPROTEC and to be reapplied every 7 years. Limestone should not be exposed to constant flow.
  • What maintenance does limestone cladding require?
    Maintenance typically involves regular cleaning to remove dirt and debris, along with periodic resealing to safeguard against staining and moisture.
  • Can you arrange interstate delivery?
    We provide local and interstate delivery direct to your project for all our products Australia wide.

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